Coca Cola Bottling Company of Northern New England


As a leading provider of beverages in our market, we know we play an important role in offering beverage variety and information to our customers, so they may make the choice that is right for them. This is consistent with our support of healthy communities and the organizations that support them. We are proud of our company’s and of our industry’s role in leading this effort. We continue to address the needs and concerns of our consumers with a proactive approach to our products including:

Beverage Choices

  • With our range of beverage products, sizes and nutrition information provided on our packages, we strive to inform, motivate and empower consumers to make sensible beverage choices. Our goal is to refresh people around New England by offering beverages for every lifestyle, life stage and life occasion.


Serving Sizes

  • CCNNE offers a variety of different serving sizes to meet any level of thirst need. Mini cans and small bottles offer consumers favorite flavors in smaller portions.

Informed Decisions

  • Calories on label: We were the first global beverage company to commit to front-of-pack calorie labeling.
  • Vending cooler calories: To make informed decisions easier, CCNNE has added calories on labels for all Company-owned vending machines.

School Beverage Guidelines

  • Coca-Cola, as a member of the American Beverage Association (ABA), voluntarily decided to restrict beverage choices offered to all U.S. primary and secondary schools, as follows:
  • Elementary Schools
    • Bottled water
    • Up to 8 ounce servings of milk and 100% juice
  • Middle School
    • Same as elementary school, except juice and milk may be sold in 10 ounce servings
  • High School
    • Same as elementary school, except juice and milk may be sold in 12 ounce servings
    • No- or low-calorie beverages with up to 10 calories / 8 ounces
    • Other drinks with no more than 66 calories / 8 ounces
    • At least 50% of non-milk beverages must be water and no- or low-calorie options

CCNNE was the first U.S. bottler to be in compliance, changing the product mix sold at over 1,000 schools in our territory.

Please visit the highlighted links to learn more about Coca-Cola’s Global School Beverage Policy, Responsible Marketing Policy & ABA School Beverage Guidelines

Product Transparency

CCNNE and our brand partners remain committed to transparency as well, and encourage you to find more information about the products we sell: